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Welcome to Piping International

Our goal is to provide unrivaled quality craftsmanship and customer services that exceed your expectations. We take great pride in our safety program and feel the results speak for themselves.


In an industry big on promises and short on follow-through, we make it a point to focus on service. Not as a hollow promise but as the central operating principle around which we’ve built a reputation and a successful company. Relationships matter. And you simply can’t build those without knowing your customers, understanding their pressures and delivering solutions that make a difference every time.

Who We Are ?

Piping International was founded in 2014, we're passionate about fulfilling the hopes and dreams of our homeowners. We believe everyone deserves a home that makes them feel proud. We also specialize in custom fabricator of specialized equipment and systems, pressure vessels and other custom weldments products. We focuses on exceeding our customers expectations on every project. We believe we provide exceptional value through the quality of our work and our commitment to safety, and by delivering products on schedule.


accident prevention


consistent track record



Production Capabilities

exceeding expectations

  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Fabrication
  • Support
  • Knock Out Drums/Tanks
  • Industrial Pipe Painting
  • Sand Blast Services
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  • Structural Steel
  • Pipe Rack Beams
  • Offshore Beam Support
  • Lifting Lugs & Beam Tugger
  • Platform Fabrication
  • Steam Tracing installation
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  • Piping Spools
  • Decon Piping
  • Revamp Piping
  • Oil and Gas Piping
  • Instrument Air & Water Piping
  • Industrial Insulation Installation
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  • Skidded Process
  • Seal Oil Pots
  • Frame Erection
  • Skid Replacement
  • Skid Demo
  • Industrial Insulation Pipe Blanket Install
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Our Specialities

Custom Home Building, Pressure Pipes, Jacketed Pipes, Aluminum Fabrication, Stainless Fabrication

Pressure Pipes

Furnace tube fabrication, Ubend 180 welding, Reactor pipe fabrication, Jacket branch connections, Jacket skid fabrication

Stainless Fabrication

Stainless alloy pipe fabrication, Stainless supports fabrication, Furnace stainless attachments

Aluminum Fabrication

Fence fabrication, Gate fabrication, Aluminum electrical stands fabrication

Custom Home Building

New Construction, Plans, Additions & Remodels, Concrete, Brick & Stone, Welders Asme Qualified in all sections, Offering Paint,Insulation, Sandblast, NDE services on all welding X-ray, pt, ut, hydro, welding inspector

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Address: 5575 Airport Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77048
Phone: 832-217-8065
E-Mail: mysaltriver@gmail.com

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